Ru En

ROV FALCON – remotely operated underwater vehicle, 300 m deep-rated, including scanning sonar, color camera, five-function manipulator, automatic tracking system, surface control unit

DAMEN dredging equipment set: electrically driven submersible dredge pump EDOP200 with electrically driven cutter and leveler

Mobile diving systems (3) based on RKU-m chambers and assembled in 20-feet containers, designed for two divers, equipped with video and audio communication

Mobile diving station – based in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with high and low pressure compressors, welding and cutting equipment, a diving television complex, underwater vessel cleaning equipment

Equipment for underwater ultrasonic thickness measurements and NDT

Equipment for cathodic protection survey

Underwater cleaning equipment (mechanical twin brush machines UMC Int, cavitation cleaner Cavyblaster 1222)

Underwater isothermal and gas cutting equipment

Underwater calibration equipment

Set of underwater hydraulic equipment HYCON

Hydraulic diesel cable winch LSI35T (tensioner) with adjusted tension up to 35 kN, recorder (cable pull force tracing), 400 m wire rope, installed on wheeled chassis

Equipment for manual semi-automatic and argon-arc welding

Manual and semi-automatic cutting equipment

Plasma cutter Crystal

Mobile compressor equipment

Mobile diesel generator stations ED400-T690-2RP (generator: Leroy Somer, engine: Scania, capacity: 400 kW, automatization degree 2) and ED200-T400-1RP (engine: Yaroslavl Engine Plant, capacity: 200 kW, automatization degree 1) with weather proof corrosion resistant housing

Calibration equipment

Gaz air environment control equipment