Ru En

Engineering of marine operations

Complex towing (transport) of oversize offshore units including offshore oil and gas structures and facilities with river/sea leg of transport route

Installation of offshore fixed platforms, including positioning, ballast operations, pitching and piling of platforms

Heavy duty offshore assembly/disassembly operations

Floating cranes handling operations with overweight and oversize facilities

Rescue and salvage operations

Vessel and hydraulic structures survey

Diving support at installation of offshore platforms and pipelines

Underwater insulation and protection of subsea pipelines, underwater ultrasonic testing and thickness measurement

Diving support for construction of hydraulic structures, offshore sites survey

Repair with underwater welding and cutting

Repair of subsea pipelines with sleeve fittings and hot-tap technology

Offshore facilities upgrading engineering

Technical re-equipment/upgrading of offshore oil and gas platforms and facilities, including installation and piping of high pressure process equipment, cabling and hookup of high-tension lines (up to 10 kW)

Commissioning (unloaded and loaded pre-commissioning)